NSW State Election: Liberal vs. Labor vs. Greens

This article featured in the March 2015 edition of the WUSA publication The Tertangala.

By Sam Tedeschi

I Like Mike

In this election, there is a clear choice. It’s not a choice between left and right; it’s a choice between up and down. It’s a choice between a Premier who has a vision for the future of this state and an opposition leader with no plan to move this state forward. A choice between making New South Wales even greater or putting a handbrake on our economy.

This Liberal Government has brought NSW from being ranked 8 by the State of the States Report – last in the country in terms of economic activity, job growth and consumer confidence under Labor – to being number 1 again. And only under Mike Baird’s strong leadership will NSW be able to stay number 1. Mike Baird is rebuilding NSW and presents the only real plan for the future of this state.

Mike Baird has proposed a 49% lease of the electricity network to private providers in order to raise $20 Billion to put into new infrastructure. Despite what the scare-campaign being run by Labor and the unions might suggest, this is not a sale. Mike Baird’s plan ensures full public ownership. Renting 49% of the poles and wires network will ensure network charges go down and that $20 Billion worth of new infrastructure can be built in NSW – infrastructure that this state desperately needs.

Over the last four years, the NSW Government has delivered record amounts of funding in education, health, roads, and transport. Education funding has increased by $5 Billion, health funding has increased by over $4 Billion, $900million has been spent on upgrading the Princes Highway over the last four years and the biggest timetable change in a generation has led to 125 extra express services on the South Coast Line per week. Mike Baird has balanced the budget and is ensuring that these record amounts of funding can continue to be provided.

I’m backing Mike Baird because he is the only leader offering a real vision for the future of NSW and I would urge everyone to just Vote 1 for Baird’s Liberal Team.

Sam Tedeschi
UOW Liberal Club

Sam Tedeschi

[To see the full article, with response from Labor and The Greens, please visit the Tertangala website]